Natural Elements participated in the Shanghai Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition
Source: ​Shandong Natural Elements Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Time:2020-07-17 17:28:00

The 2020 Shanghai International Medical Protective Products Exhibition and Epidemic Prevention Material Purchasing Conference was grandly held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from July 1 to 3, 2020. This exhibition was built by Shanghai Juyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., covering an area 40,000 square meters, 700 scale of pioneers, more than 1,800 booths, exhibits related to: medical/civilian masks, KN95 masks, protective clothing, isolation gowns, thermometers, disinfection supplies, masks, goggles, dressings, consumables, mask machines, melting Anti-epidemic materials such as spray cloth/machines, as the annual conference in the field of anti-epidemic materials, attracted more than 40,000 professional buyers and more than 8,000 import and export trading companies!

Mask exhibition area
When visiting the anti-epidemic material exhibition, the exhibition area that cannot be ignored is the mask exhibition area. There are many new products and new technologies at this exhibition. Among them, the medical masks and civilian masks in the mask exhibition area can be described as the hot products of anti-epidemic materials. July 1-3 A visit to the International Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition in Shanghai will give you a taste and experience to understand the new development trends and trends of anti-epidemic materials.

Disinfecting supplies exhibition area
Disinfection supplies are a solution to the disinfection of public health environments. It is also one of the industries with broad prospects for the development of the global disinfection industry market. In this exhibition, the disinfection supplies exhibition area includes medical disinfectants, disinfectants, disinfection robots, and hypochlorous acid disinfectants. , Disinfection equipment, including the general components of China's disinfection industry!
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