Natural Elements Exported 5 Million Disposable Medical Masks to Romania
Source: ​Shandong Natural Elements Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Time:2020-08-03 17:28:00

In Shandong Natural Elements Co., Ltd., more than 30 production lines in the mask production workshop roar and run at high speed. Masks are made in one go from raw materials to finished products, and more than 30 field workers with strict protection subcontract a production line, check the machine, or count and pack. "This is an order from Romania with a total of 5 million masks. In the epidemic prevention and control, this is the fifth time that a customer has placed an order." The general manager of the company, Mr. Yang, said, "Excellent quality is the best pass, and the return is correct. Our best affirmation."

Yang said that, regardless of just a small mask, from raw materials to finished products, whether it is non-woven fabric or meltblown fabric, it requires multiple quality inspections and checks and screenings.
In the company's raw material inspection room, all kinds of testing instruments are lined up, and multiple staff are testing and recording data. In front of a certain type of mask resistance tester, a staff member is testing different positions of a roll of meltblown cloth, repeating operations many times, and recording various data, including pressure difference, ventilation resistance, etc. In the medical surgical mask bacterial filtration efficiency tester, experimental simulation can be used to test the bacterial filtration efficiency of melt blown cloth.

According to Wang, the head of the company’s quality department, a mask requires a total of more than a dozen types of important testing equipment from raw material inspection to factory inspection. After 29 items of inspection, such as mask pressure difference, particle and bacterial filtration efficiency, synthetic blood penetration, and sterility Performance, flame retardancy, residual ethylene oxide, mask band breaking strength, etc.
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