Natural Elements Obtained the "Green Pass" for Exporting Medical Masks
Source: ​Shandong Natural Elements Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Time:2020-08-19 12:29:00

"Our company has officially entered the ‘whitelist’ of the Ministry of Commerce’s export of medical supplies!"

Recently, Shandong Natural Elements Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., located in Jinan City, became one of the first companies in Jinan City to be included in the "White List" of medical anti-epidemic materials by the Ministry of Commerce.

It is understood that the "whitelist" of medical anti-epidemic supplies is a "passport" for the export of medical anti-epidemic supplies. The review is strict and needs to be reviewed by the local commercial authority, the Office of the National Medical Supplies Commercial Export Working Mechanism, and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products. Certified third parties have extremely high requirements.

In the next step, our company will insist on winning by quality, and will continue to invest about 50 million to build a 100,000-level aseptic workshop for the production of medical protective clothing, medical protective masks and other medical materials. The development of our company is inseparable from the help and cooperation of various departments of the municipal government. The subsequent production of medical materials will be mainly provided to the government's emergency prevention and control department to contribute to Jinan's fight against the epidemic.
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